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Sweet & Salty Kettle Chips

A tasty combination of salted caramel and sea salt sure to please both a sweet and savory palate.

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Truffle Kettle Chips

For truffle lovers, try our crisp and delicious old-fashioned kettle chips with white truffles and sea salt.

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Build Your Own

Create a case with bags of your favorite flavors of our delicious, crisp kettle chips.

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Arrabbiata Kettle Chips

For those that like a little heat in what you eat, this chip is the perfect combination of Marinara and Tomato Basil with a blast of crushed red pepper to entice the palate for more.

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Five Cheese Kettle Chips

For cheese lovers, a unique and perfect blend of Parmesan, Romano, Asiago, Blue and Cheddar Cheese with cracked black pepper as an added delight. The final result is a velvety flavor in the cheese with a zing in every bite.

Marinara Kettle Chips

An Italian inspired kettle chip reminiscent of a homemade simmering pasta sauce of tomatoes, sweet smell of basil and oregano to awaken the taste buds.

Old-Fashioned Kettle Chips

A delicious crisp, Old-Fashioned kettle cooked chip made in the longest running family owned potato chip factory in the USA. Our chips begin with hand selected premium all-natural potatoes proudly supporting our local farmers. Then cooked in our top-quality vegetable oil and completed with the perfect touch of sea salt. Just one tasty chip leads to polishing off a bag with no feelings of guilt at all.

Tomato Basil Kettle Chips

The aromatic and delightful combination of tomato and sweet basil that delivers a little taste of Italy in every chip.